At SCF we believe the church is God’s plan for evangelism in the world. In keeping with this, Christians ought to lives worthy of the gospel and so different from the world that they attract non-Christians to Christ and His Church. Thus, we do not alter what we do in Church to suit the conveniences of the world, but rather follow the Bible unapologetically, equipping members to go and make disciples in their homes, neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces and communities. Through genuine relationships, in which the truth of God is prayerfully, gently and lovingly shared, we invite those whom God has regenerated and caused to seek to come to church where they can hear the gospel.

What is the Gospel? It is the Good News of Jesus Christ and it is the central message of Christianity. It is so central to everything we say and do and believe that you will see it displayed on banners as you enter the foyer of our Church. It is the way you and I can have personal relationship with the God of the Universe! Interested? Click Here:

If you are not a Christian and you visit SCF (on your own or by invitation) we pray you will experience the genuine love of Christ here. You will be warmly welcomed before witnessing the church family worshipping God wholeheartedly in the reading of the Bible (hearing God’s Word), in prayer (responding to God’s Word, not mere wish-listing), singing (about God and to Him), and cheerful giving (from our hearts). You will then hear the truth of God preached from the Bible. We devote most of our time in Church to the sermon because we believe God’s Words are powerful, they accomplish His purpose every time they are preached. In fact, the Word of God is what saved each one of us, grows us in our faith, and helps us fight sin in our lives. This is why we study it daily with great care. If you don’t have a Bible a greeter would be happy to gift you one, just ask! After service, you will experience the loving fellowship of the church family “doing life” together. Before you leave, if you would like to know God personally or simply have questions about Christianity, a servant team member or elder will be glad to sit down with you for a conversation over coffee.

If you have already believed the gospel and trusted Christ for salvation and obeyed in the ordinance of baptism, you are eligible to join SCF as a member of our Church. We encourage you to check out our Ministries page to see how you can get connected to grow and serve God with us!