Happy 30th Anniversary

On the 19th of May, we celebrated the thirtieth wedding anniversary of Rev. Ronald Jeyaseelan and his wife, Dharshi, who lovingly lead the flock that God has entrusted to them at SCF. Rev. Ronald and Dharshi are servants unto God as they lead lives which are altogether above reproach to their congregation: they claim Christ and Christ alone as their saving God, and have shown every good evidence of the work of their salvation in their lives – love for their sheep which exceeds the love anyone could (reasonably) expect from anyone else, sacrificial servant-heartedness, immense patience with wayward sheep, peace in times of personal trials, tribulations, and testing, joyfulness in all things, wisdom, and the fruit of the Spirit.

All the more, though, are they servants even in their marriage: first, to one another, and then to their children – Rev. Ronald models Biblical manhood as he seeks God as a man after God’s own heart, acts as a teacher (not only in the church but also in the home), exercises love with his family, is a man of prayer and of the Scriptures, and is hospitable.

Similarly, Dharshi models Biblical womanhood by fearing the Lord above all else, working earnestly and without reward in the church, acting in all modesty, being humble and hospitable, caring for children, pouring out patience, and working hard in the home and otherwise. Second, to their church community: Rev. Ronald and Dharshi together model the covenantal relationship between God and the church, which not only displays God’s love in a real way but also which acts as a model for what a godly marriage should look like – for both the married couples and for those in our church community who would one day like to be married.

From the depths of our hearts, we want to bless Rev. Ronald and Dharshi for their contribution in the lives of their flock – their love, joy, patience, humility, hospitality, and thankfulness is from the Lord and we pray that the Lord blesses them in His time.

– SCF family