Encountering The Risen Christ

Sermon Audio MP3Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is an established factor of History. Our Calendar is based on this, too. So, Even the history acknowledges the reality of the person of Christ and the death of Christ and the resurrection of Christ.
Rev. Benjamin Devadason

Everyone Has Needs

Sermon Audio MP3The reality is that everyone has needs. These needs can be material in nature, emotional, physical, and sometimes spiritual needs. As the needs arrive in our lives, the natural human reaction is to worry and grumble, but this is not the will of God for our lives.
Rev. Trevor Robotham

Christmas From The Inside Out

Sermon Audio MP3Christmas is not simply about the birth of a distance savior born in a long ago in faraway Bethlehem. Christmas is about God becoming like us in order to save us from the penalty of sin, to save us from the power of sin over our lives.
Rev. Trevor Robotham

You Must Be Born Again

Sermon Audio MP3In John 3 we have one of the strangest conversation ever recorded in the Bible. One of the religious leader Nicodemus came in the night to Jesus seeking clarification about His mission. Jesus knew Nicodemus heart and addressed his needs.
Rev. Trevor Robotham

Father’s Love

Sermon Audio MP3Luke 15 contains three of Jesus’ most loved and best known parables. These were told to a mixed audience; sinners and tax collectors on one side, also to the religious Pharisees and scribes on the other. Each of the parables contains three common elements.
Rev. Trevor Robotham