Father’s Love

Sermon Audio MP3Luke 15 contains three of Jesus’ most loved and best known parables. These were told to a mixed audience; sinners and tax collectors on one side, also to the religious Pharisees and scribes on the other. Each of the parables contains three common elements.
Rev. Trevor Robotham

Beating The February Blues

Sermon Audio MP3 To beat the February blues you need to see all the colors. We need to take off the colored sunglasses from our eyes to see the world God created and enjoy it the way God wants us to enjoy. We all look at things differently and it’s good to have different perspectives.
Rev. Ken Miles

A Mother’s Touch

Sermon Audio MP3A mother can make a significant spiritual impact on her children with or without the help of a farther. As we look at the scriptures we find great portraits of motherhood. Timothy had the benefit of being taught the faith of God by his mother and grandmother.
Rev. Ronald Jeyaseelan