Worship The Occupation Of Heaven

Speaker: Rev. Benjamin Devadason

Fear is Dispelled in Victorious Worship

Sermon Audio MP3In Mathew 28, two women very early in the morning, went to the tomb where Jesus Christ was laid to express their sorrow and to extend their service. When they approached the tomb they saw that the stone was rolled away and they were alarmed.
Rev. Benjamin Devadason

Enemy is Destroyed in Victorious Worship – Part 02

Sermon Audio MP3There will never be a point in our lives when we are free of crisis. God permits crisis to come in order to sharpen us, cause us to grow, to trust Him, dependent upon Him. So crisis is inevitable. It keeps on coming in different forms and shapes in our entire lifetime.
Rev. Benjamin Devadason

Enemy is Destroyed in Victorious Worship – Part 01

Sermon Audio MP3We are going to look at another character from the Old Testament, and in victorious worship the foe is destroyed. When you and I engage in victorious worship the enemy is put to flight. In our lives crisis is inevitable. What crisis are you personally facing now?
Rev. Benjamin Devadason

Faith is Displayed in Victorious Worship

Sermon Audio MP3Experience of loss will come to all of us, and we need to be realistic, it will happen. In a victorious worship our faith is going to be displayed in a way that is never been displayed before. Job became bankrupt overnight. He lost all his trusted, loyal servants.
Rev. Benjamin Devadason

Valued Worship God Accepts

Sermon Audio MP3The one thing that we can know that we are going to do for certain in heaven is worship. So we’d better have a good understanding of what worship is and we better practicing it while we are here on earth otherwise we will be a strongly out of place in heaven.
Rev. Benjamin Devadason