Money Management

Sermon Audio MP3The God is the source of everything. He is the owner. Everything that you and I have belongs to him. With this understanding of our position we approach the subject of money management. We are called to be faithful stewards to our Master.
Bro. James John

When Faith Meets Grief

Sermon Audio MP3What happens when we as people, who are called the people of faith meet the human condition called grief? What we do? God loves us, and not only He loves us but also gives us tools to bring us out of the issues that the humanity struggle with.
Rev. Dr. Timothy Quek

Time Management

Sermon Audio MP3To be able to understand the concept of time management we need to go all the way back to the beginning, to the creation. Time existed before man was created (Gen.). God made man put him in the sphere of time and gave work to do.
Genga Arulampalam

Anger Management

Sermon Audio MP3Anger is a normal reaction with a wide range of intensity. It can be from mild irritation and frustration, and lead up to rage. When we are angry we perceive threat to ourselves, to our loved ones, to our property, to ourselves; our image or some part of our identity.
Rev. Ronald Jeyaseelan

Stress Management

Sermon Audio MP3Stress is simply feeling overloaded and trapped.” When we are carrying loads too heavy for us we feel stressed. What adds to our feelings of stress is that we often feel like we cannot set our load down. We feel that we have no options and we are trapped.
Rev. Benjamin Devadason