The Lord Is My Shepherd

Sermon Audio MP3 In Psalm 23, David is affirming that the Lord is everything for him. He proclaims that the Lord almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, is the one who lives with us, guides us, protects us and provides us. Because, He is my Shepard I shall not lack or be destroyed.
Mayukha Perera

The Life Of Humility

Sermon Audio MP3 First and most importantly coming to God means that we submit ourselves to Him, being humble before Him. It means that every day that we are to be willingly, consciously, deliberately, placing ourselves under His total authority.
Rev. Trevor Robotham

Why Jesus Wept

Sermon Audio MP3 Today we celebrate the Palm Sunday. What we can learn from this day? We read in the scripture that Jesus riding on a donkey to Jerusalem in a festival like atmosphere. All these things happen to fulfill the scripture recorded in Zachariah.
Rev. Trevor Robotham

When Temptation Taps Your Door

Sermon Audio MP3 Gen 3:1-7 is one of the most important chapters in the scriptures because it changed the destiny of the mankind for eternity. Had not Adam and Eve fall into the temptation, we wouldn’t be sitting here today. So, what lessons we can learn from the Garden of Eden?
Rev. Muralidaran

Looking For The Love Of Your Life

Sermon Audio MP3We can glean practical approaches to life and godly living from the Gods word. If you are to write down the qualities of the person whom you want to spend the rest of your life what would it be? What is most important and not so important?
Rev. Trevor Robotham